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Zsite 5.4.1 has been officially released!

2016-10-25 11:08:00
Summary :Zsite 5.4.1 has been officially released. This release has fixed bugs in Zsite 5.4. Users can upgrade to 5.4.1 now.

Debug history

  • Fixed Alipay interface.
  • Alias can have "-" in it.
  • Fixed the bug that date was covered by sticky icon on Latest Article page.
  • Fixed the js error when add images to articles in Mobile design.
  • Fixed the navigation bar of visual editor, which was not able to get correct data.
  • Fixed that Zsite 5.4 cannot detect mobile client automatically.
  • Fixed that files cannot be deleted from BBS.
  • Fixed that English product category cannot be edited.


Source code package http://dl.cnezsoft.com/chanzhi/5.4/chanzhiEPS.5.4.1.zip

Windows one-click installation package http://www.chanzhi.org/book/chanzhieps/68.html


Installation http://zsite.net/book/zsitemanual/9.html

Upgrade http://zsite.net/book/zsitemanual/11.html

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