Zsite VS WordPress

Functionality Wordpress ZSITE
Content Management support support
Mall Management no support
Forum Function no support
Blog Function support support
Mobile Support support support
Customizability depend on plug-in powerful&convenient
Function Plugs more less
Community more Official support
Theme Template more less
Business Application Free open source Free open source
Flexibility Wordpress ZSITE
Advantages strong flexibility rich plugins strong flexibility,block design and free layout
Disadvantages plug-in itself or between plug-ins may cause a problem special functions ask users to have basic knowledge of code
Features Wordpress ZSITE
Expansibility WordPress users have to follow Template tags, hook function and system variables that system define to realize the second development ZSITE, based on ZUI and ZenTaoPHP lightweight frameworks, is constructed in the standard MVC pattern with simple blocks and extension mechanism
SEO WordPress has little SEO settings and depand on plusins and special topics ZSITE focus on SEO and no third-party plugins or interfaces are needed