Zsite Pro

Zsite Pro Introduction

Zsite Pro is based on Zsite open source version and features have been enhanced and optimized. Zsite Pro is developed with the intention to better assist companies to do marketing.

1、Advantages of Zsite Pro

Promote online marketing

  • online video makes your website diversified
  • use reward points for products
  • member class related price to promote user activity

Make marketing professional

  • wechat login and payment
  • customized product features and price
  • order and shipment real time tracking, SMS notification for any changes

Enhance interaction with users

  • customer management and custom service cycle
  • FAQ to provide fast and convenient help
  • work order management to know customer needs and provide solutions

Powerful technical support

  • 1-on-1 remote technical support
  • 1-on-1 technical support by telephone
  • Videos and documents available for training

2、Advanced features in Zsite Pro

Wechat Integration

  • Wchat login
  • Wechat payment

Shipment Tracking

  • Integrated shipping carrier interface
  • set shipping carriers

Custom Features

  • search and price calculation
  • flexible price setting

SMS Notification

  • SMS configuration
  • SMS alert

Word Order Management

  • facilitate communications
  • configure work order features
  • manage work orders by category

Customer Management

  • integrated customer information management
  • custom service period

FAQ Management

  • manage questions by category
  • improve efficiency of communication


  • member class
  • class and price related management

Content Management

  • content access control
  • video anti-theft feature

3、Open Source vs. Professional

Open Source Professional
Open Source Features
Wechat Login ×
Wechat Payment ×
Shipment Tracking ×
SMS Notification ×
Dynamic Price ×
Order Retrieval ×
Multi-Level Filter ×
Backend Price Management ×
Order Note ×
Full Text Retrieval ×
Member Class ×
Points Exchange ×
Online Video ×
Access Control ×
Work Order Management ×
FAQ Management ×
Reproduction and Customization Full Price Discount

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