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Zsite business support and license

2016-10-28 09:03:00

Zsite is an open source software. No fee will be charged for using it and no limit is set to use it for business. You can download it from our website and deploy it on your server. If you have any probelm, you can choose,

Free Technical Support

Forum: http://zsite.net/forum/

QQ: id 2692096539 (Download QQ , an instant message software and search the ID number to add a friend. Then you will have access to talk with our specialists.

When you post your quesitons on our Forum, please describe your questions as detailed as possible, e.g. posting screenshots. We will try our best to answer them, but a solution is not guranteed, for Zsite itself is free and open source.

Or Charged Technical Support

Installation support: Install the latest Zsite in your device by remote support, USD 30 at a time.

Upgrade support: Upgrade Zsite to the latest version by remote assistance, USD 30 at a time.

Data migration: Migrate data from other system to Zsite, fee based on man-hour.

Customization: Customized development based on Zsite, fee based on man-hour.

Template desigin: Logo, advertisement and template design for your company, fee based on man-hour.

For other support and service, talk to our specialists and a service fee and service details will be generated. Usually, support and service will be done by remote assistance, e.g. telephone, emails, etc.

Zsite License

If you want to remove Zsite logo from your website, contact us to buy a license. The rate is USD 135 per domain.


Renee renee@cnezsoft.com

Skype Nature Easy Soft

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