1888   2020-04-03

Zsite 8.0.1 is released!

Zsite 8.0.1 is released! License management is optimized.  On July 8, 2013, Zsite 1.0.beta was released. F...
Zsite 8.0 is released! New UI and new UX!All pages of Zsite have been optimized, with feature modules being reo...
2432   2019-03-18

Zsite Pro 2.0 is released!

Zsite Pro 2.0 is released!  About ZSITE Pro ZSITE Pro 2.0 is based on ZSITE 7.7 open source. This release...
Zsite 7.7 is released! The mobile view has been optimization.Change LogOptimized My Order page.Optimized Points p...
2521   2019-01-28

Zsite 7.6 is released!

Zsite 7.6 is released! The mobile client has been upgraded.Change LogOptimize the homepage on the mobile client.Op...
Zsite Pro 1.9 is released! Online customer service is added. About ZSITE ProZSITE Pro 1.9 is based on ZSITE 7.5...
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