11138   2020-10-20

ZSITE 8.6.1 is released

ZSITE 8.6.1 is released! Vulnerabilities in file upload and code execution are fixed; the manual feature, user profile a...
6121   2020-08-12

ZSITE 8.6 is released!

The sub-directory storage of material/file for multiple sites and backend log added in this release will make it conveni...
4573   2020-07-30

ZSITE 8.5 is released!

ZSITE 8.5 is released!
3581   2020-07-13

Zsite 8.4 is released!

ZSITE 8.4 is released! This release is to implement the functions that make background articles transformed to WeChat pu...
4398   2020-06-28

Zsite 8.3 is released!

Zsite 8.3 is to add more features and WeChat mini programs.
4198   2020-04-11

Zsite 8.2 is released!

Zsite 8.2 is released!In order to make it easier to find the content you need when using the Book feature, the Book ...
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