1175   2019-01-06

Zsite 7.5.stable is released!

Zsite 7.5 is released!Change LogIntegrate WeChat H5 payment feature.Fix the bug that uploaded video can't play in ...
996   2018-10-15

Zsite 7.4.1 is released!

Zsite 7.4.1 is released!Change LogReset the entry to visual editor.Fix the blog error related to templates.Dow...
1084   2018-10-10

Zsite 7.4 is released!

Zsite 7.4 is released!Change LogOptimize the style of the navigation on the left of the backend page.Change the ...
1038   2018-09-20

Zsite Pro 1.8 is released!

Zsite Pro 1.8 is released!About ZSITE ProZSITE Pro 1.8 is based on ZSITE 7.3 open source. This release is to be comp...
1154   2018-09-06

Zsite 7.3 is released!

Zsite 7.3 is released! Change LogMake Zsite compatible with WeChat small programs.Optimize the promp when a user ...
1109   2018-08-14

Zsite 7.2.stable is released!

Zsite 7.2.stable is released!Change LogMerge WeChat Pay and WeChat Login to Zsite open source.Add Tab to switch bl...