Does Zsite have custom questionnaire?
2018-03-07 09:27:16
Bosco Alanzo
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Hello. I have been using Zsite to build sites for about 6 months. It is very easy to manage my content, as a CMS, and I like the membership management a lot. Now I would like to have a survey on my users. Can any questionnaire be integrated in Zsite?
2018-03-07 09:40:57
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Zsite Pro does have the module of customized questionnaire. If you are using Zsite open source version and would like to try our Pro version, email us at tengfei@cnezsoft.com and we can send a license to you. With our pro license, you can have a free trial for up to 3 users and 6 months.
2019-08-19 15:48:32
Ted Norris
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